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Just like any other medication available by prescription, Celebrex should only be taken for the symptoms and conditions it's designed for. If you need to find out more about 400 mg Celecoxib pharmacokinetics or need to know Celebrex dosage for gout, you always need to do some research into this matter before you buy a certain dosage and amount. True, an online pharmacy will not be asking you any questions, but self-administering any drug is something that should be approached with caution. Many people mistakenly believe that in case of this particular drug all they need is a short answer to their first question - "what is Celebrex medication used for?" Once they know it's prescribed for arthritis and sometimes gout, they purchase celecoxib dosage that's most common and go for it. Unless you are sure this is the drug you need and unless you know the dose that will be efficient for you without causing any side effects, it's always a good idea to get a professional opinion. Once you have confirmed your diagnosis, you can always order Celebrex in Canada without rx cheap and have it delivered to you in no time, saving time and money. If you are wondering about Celecoxib dosage for dogs, on the other hand, you might need to check with your vet to see how to calculate the dosage. It's often based on the weight of your pet and its age, but this is one of those cases when you want to be safe and double check everything.