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Low dose naltrexone: buy without rx online or get a prescription?

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Some people buying drugs over the internet for the first time often have concerns about the quality of the medications they are getting. With the much lower price in mind, it's difficult to believe the quality is just the same. However, if you know where to buy naltrexone with no prescription (have a reliable drugstore that you vetted through and through), quality is not an issue. Any reputable online pharmacy gets its generic medications from licensed manufactures, usually located in India and Mexico. They are just the same chemically, because the active ingredient - naltrexone - is just the same. In fact, not only the benefits are the same - so are the side effects and the interactions. Brand name ReVia medication and alcohol do not work together just in the same way generic naltrexone doesn't. And a price comparison sure tells a very convincing story of its own.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms with Revia?

If you are currently taking ReVia and are wondering how to get naltrexone out of your system, you should read the manufacturer's information that had to come with your medicine. It usually contains information on withdrawal, if it's anything different from just stopping the treatment. In case of ReVia, you will indeed develop withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it suddenly, which is why gradual withdrawal is usually practiced. If you are worried you might not get it right, you can always ask your doctor or pharmacist (of the online pharmacy you purchased the drug from or the one at your local pharmacy) how to get off naltrexone hydrochloride safely and without any unpleasant symptoms.

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