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What if I need Adderall or some other brand for my ADHD?

Atomoxetine is the name of the active ingredient that actually has the effects you are counting on. Atomoxetine comes under a variety of brand names, the most popular of which are Strattera and Adderall. Generic atomoxetine hydrochloride is just the same in terms of effects and benefits as any expensive prescription medicine you would be buying at your local pharmacy. Chemically they will be identical, however, the generic drug purchased online will end up costing you a lot cheaper - often a few times less! At the pharmacy by the link below you will find a number of options that will help you save tons of money and get those ADHD symptoms under control. Strattera medication side effects are also the same as those experienced by patients using atomoxetine, so it's just about how your body reacts to the active ingredient.

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Is there a generic for Strattera?

There are rumors about a generic version of this drug possibly making its way to the market this year, but it's not certain. A generic version usually costs less money, but it's still going to be cheaper over the internet, available any time you might want it. So, if you need Strattera cheap no prescription and are not prepared to put up with those symptoms (some of which can disrupt your normal life quite a bit), online shopping is the kind of option for you. Finding quality Strattera for sale online is easier than ever, especially with the recommended pharmacy that you can get to in about ten seconds from now, saving yourself time, money and effort.