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Now, often patients intending to start Zocor treatment have many questions that they need to know the answers to. For instance, "how much does Zocor lower triglycerides?" or "how much does simvastatin lower cholesterol?" There is no precise answer to either of those questions, as every patient is an individual case. One thing is for sure - when you start taking this drug, you need to be taking it for a while, as lowering your cholesterol levels and taking the strain off your heart is not an overnight thing. Another question you, as a patient, may have is "how much Vytorin should I take to reduce bad cholesterol?" Just like with any other drug, there is a certain dose you are not supposed to exceed. The maximum dose is 40 mg a day, but most patients need to be taking just the 20 mg daily to see an improvement. It does not matter much whether you got simvastatin at a Canada pharmacy with a prescription from the local doctor or decided to buy Zocor online with no prescription - the active ingredient is the same, therefore, the dose is the same.

Many patients wonder how Zocor does vs. tablets over the counter in USA. The thing is, there are no over-the-counter remedies in the USA that will have the same potent effects as this very statin. You might find food supplements and herbal remedies, but you probably are aware of their unpredictable and way too mild effects, if any at all. Now a more serious question is "how much grapefruit can I eat when taking Vytorin?" Interactions with grapefruit juice have been reported, as it's known to slow down the absorption of the active ingredient, which makes your treatment less efficient and therefore does not reduce the risk of numerous heart problems associated with high cholesterol and triglyceride levels as significantly as you would hope.