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It certainly does not. You came here because you googled something like "how much does Zyprexa cost without insurance" and we are giving you a way out, because search queries like that usually mean a person has little choice and is certainly not able to afford costly insurance. We are not trying to say doctors are useless and to urge everyone to just take matters in their own hands. If you haven't even been properly diagnosed, the best course of action is to see a medical professional and have your condition properly evaluated. If you have any safety concerns - like how much Zyprexa will kill you or weight gain with olanzapine - these questions can also be discussed during your first visit when your doctor is deciding whether you need to be taking this medicine and at which dose. Once you know the dose and the name of the drug that will help - you can save a lot of money by buying it online. So, if you already made up your mind and wanted to know where to buy cheap antidepressant medication - you now know exactly where and how. Surely, there may be a good medication assistance program out there, but mental problems like that need serious and timely treatment. Online pharmacies offer a great way to deal with your symptoms while you are looking for more answers - for the safety of your family and your own.